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5 & 6 OCTOBER 2018
La Herradura.

Entrance is free!

Cinemar organises film screenings about the sea and sea life in La Herradura during the Festival del Mar.
In 2018 there will be screenings for (school) kids on friday morning October 6 and screenings for adults on Saturday October 7 in the evening.
The screenings will start with a compilation of shorts films, ads and interesting clips found on YouTube. After that both screenings will have a long feature film.


Whale Rider:

A young Maori girl becomes a heroin when she appears to have the ability of the ‘elders’ to talk to whales.

Jacques (The Odyssee) :

Biographical film about innovator, filmmaker and conservatist Jacques-Yves Cousteau
On Friday the screening will be in the Centro Civico
On Saturday the screenings are in the Cine de Verano. (With the opportunity to order a pizza which you can eat under the stars while watching a movie!

For enquiries:

Andrea +34 629049384

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